Koshi : Purity & Elegance

A sonic journey for your Meditation and Yoga sessions.

Koshi : Purity & Elegance

A sonic journey for your Meditation and Yoga sessions.

The Koshi chime is much more than just a musical instrument. It's an invitation to meditation, relaxation, and self-connection. In the world of yoga, meditation, and sound therapies, sound holds paramount importance. Imagine yourself comfortably settled, receiving a sonic massage from the Koshi chime. Its melody, produced by a gentle sway, brings about a sense of well-being and letting go, awakening the inner child in each of us.

History and Origin of Koshi Chimes

Born at the foot of the Pyrenees mountains in France, the Koshi chimes embody the excellence of refined craftsmanship, a legacy of a unique expertise. Inspired by the natural elements that surround us, these chimes reflect a blend of tradition and innovation. Koshi chimes stand out for their depth, their richness in harmonics, and their lasting resonance.

The benefits of Koshi chimes

The sound of Koshi chimes has the power to soothe a restless mind, ease tensions, and invite deep meditation. Infants, often sensitive to surrounding sounds, find comfort in the gentle melody of the chimes, while adults find them a respite, a moment of peace amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life. These chimes are also used during yoga sessions, meditation, and even to induce binaural beats, helping the mind transition from a state of hyperactivity to one of calm.

The Four Elements and their melodies

Each Koshi chime is unique, inspired by one of the four fundamental elements:

Earth (Terra): with deep and grounded notes, this chime evokes stability, strength, and connection with our surroundings. It's the perfect instrument to soothe one's fears.

Water (Aqua): the fluid and calming notes remind us of the gentle murmur of a stream, inviting reflection and serenity. Focusing on the balance of emotions, this chime is recommended for addressing emotional issues.

Air (Aria): Light and ethereal, this chime reminds us of freedom, movement, and the vastness of the sky. Promoting the expansion of the mind and lightness, it's ideal for combating stress and fatigue.

Fire (Ignis): with a warm and passionate melody, it evokes energy, transformation, and passion. Focusing on creativity and energy, it helps release dense inner energy.

Listen to the magic of Koshi Chimes

To truly appreciate the purity and elegance of the Koshi chimes, nothing beats a direct listening experience. We invite you to immerse yourself in the sonic universe of Koshi by listening to the unique melodies of each chime. Whether it's the gentleness of water, the strength of earth, the lightness of air, or the passion of fire, each element finds its voice through these instruments.

Click on the audio players below to discover the magic of each chime:

Let yourself be carried away by these melodies and feel the harmony and serenity they bring.

The association with holistic therapy and crystals

The Koshi chimes, with their harmonious vibrations, perfectly complement holistic therapies. Paired with the energy of crystals and natural stones, they can amplify the beneficial effects, creating a synergy between the sound and the vibration of the stones. In a world where balance between body and mind is essential, the Koshi chimes offer an added dimension to relaxation and well-being.

Tudo Bem Olhão, Koshi reseller in Portugal

Our store, dedicated to holistic therapy, crystals, and well-being, is proud to be a Koshi reseller partner in Portugal. We are committed to offering our customers authentic chimes of the highest quality, ensuring an unparalleled sonic experience. Each chime we offer reflects our passion for well-being and relaxation. Come meet us and listen to the magical and unique sound of each Koshi chime.

The Koshi chimes are not just instruments. They are a gateway to a deeper experience, a connection with the elements and an invitation to meditation. Whether you are a yoga practitioner, a sound therapist, or simply someone seeking inner peace, the Koshi chimes have something to offer everyone.