Shamanic Meditation

Inner Exploration for Harmony and Healing.

Shamanic Meditation

Inner Exploration for Harmony and Healing.

Welcome to the profoundly transformative universe of Shamanic Meditation. This practice, inspired by Native American Shamanism, opens the door to an exceptional inner experience, whether in a group, comfortably seated, or alone or as a couple, lying on a soft yoga mat. Reconnect with your deep essence, explore spiritually enriching dimensions, and uncover the treasures of this ancient tradition.

The Benefits of Shamanic Meditation

Shamanic Meditation goes beyond mere relaxation to guide you on an inner journey in harmony with nature, natural cycles, and the elements. Inspired by the wisdom of indigenous peoples of America, it realigns your being by strengthening your root chakra, associated with stability and security. Through the practice of shamanic meditation, you reestablish your connection with Mother Earth, a source of healing and wisdom, while exploring profound spiritual dimensions.

Group Sessions

Our group sessions, accommodating a maximum of 7 people, take place every Tuesday and Friday at 6 PM. During these sessions, you will be comfortably seated in a cross-legged position, accompanied by an eye mask to enhance your immersion. Each session consists of five stages, ranging from deep breathing to drawing a card from the Oracle of Energy Releases for personal reflection. These sessions last approximately 1 hour and are offered at a rate of €17.

Individual or Couple Sessions

If you prefer a more intimate experience, we offer individual or couple sessions (maximum 2 people) at the same rate of €29. You will be invited to lie down on a plush yoga mat, wrapped in a cozy blanket and wearing an eye mask for complete immersion. Just like the group sessions, these sessions include deep breathing, guided relaxation with the soothing sound of the Koshi, stretching exercises, a card drawing, and a light snack for those who desire it.

In summary, rose quartz is a versatile and soothing gemstone associated with love, emotional healing, and inner harmony. It can be beneficial for a wide range of emotional and spiritual needs and can be used by individuals of all ages, zodiac signs, and birth months.

Words of Gratitude

  • Hugo
    Group Shamanic Meditation is an incredible energy-sharing experience. The breathing exercises and the sound of the Koshi created deep harmony within me. A true soul rejuvenation.
  • Clara
    Each Shamanic Meditation session is a unique experience. The calming ambiance allowed me to deeply relax. The music carried me on a captivating sound journey.
  • João
    Shamanic Meditation is more than just a practice; it's a true inner journey. The drumbeat carried me to uncharted dimensions. I feel revitalized after every session.
  • Luna
    The soothing atmosphere of the group sessions allowed me to connect with good energies. The breathing exercises brought me a profound sense of calm. I love the sound of the Koshi !
  • Santiago
    Shamanic Meditation is an unforgettable sound journey. The drumbeat and enchanting music transported me on a deep inner voyage. I feel rejuvenated after each session.