Restore your energy

Discover linequartz energy treatments at the service of your well-being, your health and the balance of your biological rhythm.

Restore your energy

Discover linequartz energy treatments at the service of your well-being, your health and the balance of your biological rhythm.

LineQuartz, an innovative therapy !

This French innovation, non-invasive, energetic, dynamic and relaxing care combines these 4 active principles, scientifically recognized :

Light therapy

Therapeutic method using the projection of a white light, which contributes to relieve and treat :

seasonal depression


sleeping troubles

the biological clock.


Therapeutic method using colored lights projected on the body, the purpose of which is to improve :

cognitive function

psychomotor functions


body relaxation

Music therapy

Therapeutic method using of music, sounds and vibrations that will have an effect which will allow to :

relieve anxiety

calm insomnia

soothe pains

perform (sport)


Therapeutic method using stones and crystals in order to relieve pain, but also which allows to :

stimulate the body

benefit from a better harmony

to be purified

The benefits of LineQuartz

By acting directly on the cells of the human body, LineQuartz® treatments boost your immune system, soothe the entire emotional system, rebalance your body's biological rhythm and also reactivate your self-healing power.

The benefits of this therapy on your well-being, your body and your mind are multiple. Including the following :

Deep relaxation
Appeasement, relaxation, relief, lightness
More impetus and enthusiasm
More self-confidence
Better quality of sleep
Feeling of "reliving"
Decrease in pain
Awareness at different levels
Stimulation of intuition
More body awareness

LineQuartz, for whom ? for what ?

LineQuartz care is suitable for all types of profiles, men, women, young and old, as well as children.

Although they do not provide medical follow-up with your doctor or a health care professional, the benefits of this therapy on your well-being, body and mind are many.

Some examples, for which LineQuartz is recommended :

Fatigue and mental load
Stress, anxiety, seasonal depression
Insomnia, sleep disorders
Loss or lack of self-confidence
Concentration problems, memory loss
Chronic pain
Anxieties, fears
Muscle recovery

Medical Device

100% Natural


All Public

The LineQuartz in practice

How does a LineQuartz session take place ?

Each session lasts approximately 1h and includes a speaking moment before and after the actual treatment.

The session is very simple :

speaking time between the therapist and his patient before the session
the patient lies on a comfortable massage table
the patient is equipped with headphones and a sleep mask
the quartz are positioned above the 7 energy centers
the patient lets go for ~30mn
talking time between the therapist and his patient after the session

Hygiene rules

The treatments are carried out in strict compliance with current health standards. The patient remains dressed, there is no physical contact between the therapist and the patient, and between the patient and the machine.

Sessions tailored to each

For better efficiency, it is recommended to start LineQuartz therapy with the protocol of 4 sessions. The first cleans the physical and mental cellular memories in the body, it is the crystallization of stress. The second is a liberation and an emotional rebalancing. The following allow a release of the physical body, a global rebalancing of the organism and a deep relaxation.



Cardiac Coherence

Breathing rate management

Stimulates endocrine glands

  • 1 session
  • 35mn consultation
  • By appointment only



Well-being and relaxation

Stress reduction

Mind and mood management

  • 1 séance
  • 35mn consultation
  • By appointment only



Memory, concentration

Reactivate ground

Facilitates the harmonisation

  • 4 sessions available
  • 1h consultation
  • By appointment only


  • Hugo
    Group Shamanic Meditation is an incredible energy-sharing experience. The breathing exercises and the sound of the Koshi created deep harmony within me. A true soul rejuvenation.
  • Clara
    Each Shamanic Meditation session is a unique experience. The calming ambiance allowed me to deeply relax. The music carried me on a captivating sound journey.
  • João
    Shamanic Meditation is more than just a practice; it's a true inner journey. The drumbeat carried me to uncharted dimensions. I feel revitalized after every session.
  • Luna
    The soothing atmosphere of the group sessions allowed me to connect with good energies. The breathing exercises brought me a profound sense of calm. I love the sound of the Koshi !
  • Santiago
    Shamanic Meditation is an unforgettable sound journey. The drumbeat and enchanting music transported me on a deep inner voyage. I feel rejuvenated after each session.
  • Ana
    Your oracle guidance has brought deep healing to my mind and heart. I feel more aligned with my life path thanks to your help. Thank you so much.
  • Isabel
    Your oracle guidance brought a new light into my life. Every word you spoke touched my soul. I am grateful for this transformative experience.
  • Tiago
    I was astonished by the accuracy of your oracle reading. It was as if you were reading my mind. I look forward to continuing this journey with you.
  • João
    I was a bit skeptical at first, but your ability to tap into energy and offer holistic guidance truly impressed me. I feel more balanced and clear after our session.
  • Maria
    My oracle consultation with you was a profound experience. I felt a genuine connection and valuable guidance. Thank you for your exceptional insight.
  • Claudia
    Rahima's lithotherapy shop is a wonderful place. The beauty of the products and the serene atmosphere are unique. Rahima's advice has been very valuable to me, and I'm thrilled with my purchases, especially my personalized bracelet.
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    I am impressed by the quality of this shop's products. The stones are authentic and beautiful. Rahima is passionate about what she does, and it shows. I fell in love with the Koshi chimes in Algarve that I found here.
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    I love Rahima's shop ! The products are of exceptional quality, and Rahima is incredibly knowledgeable and caring. The personalized bracelets are gorgeous, and the cozy ambiance of the shop makes me feel instantly at ease.

Tudo Bem - Olhão

The institute and the crystal shop are located between the Olhão station and the Algartalhos market, just a stone’s throw from the Republic Avenue and the historic centre.


Find us inside Estação Tudo Bem, a new concept space.

Tudo Bem
Rua Primeiro Maio, 32
R/C - Loja B
8700-513 Olhão

913 700 547

Shop Hours

(Energy healing by appointment only)
  • 10h00 - 12h00
    15h00 - 19h00
  • 10h00 - 13h00

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