Tiger's Eye

The Stone of Protection and Self-Confidence.

Tiger's Eye

The Stone of Protection and Self-Confidence.

Welcome to the world of Tiger's Eye, a fascinating natural stone known for its protective properties and unique sheen. Join us as we explore the origin, benefits, and various uses of this captivating gem. From its ability to offer protection to its role in boosting self-confidence, Tiger's Eye is a treasure to be discovered.


Tiger's Eye is a variety of quartz, characterized by its golden and brown bands. Mainly mined in South Africa, Australia, India, and the United States, this stone is appreciated for its shimmering appearance and durability.


Tiger's Eye is associated with numerous advantages, including :

Protection : often considered a protective stone, it is believed to ward off negative energies.

Self-Confidence : It helps to strengthen self-confidence and make decisions with discernment.

Emotional Balance : It promotes emotional balance, helping to reduce stress and anxiety.

Mental Clarity : It stimulates clear thinking, aiding in focus and problem-solving.

Grounding : It helps to ground oneself in the present and overcome difficulties.

Covered needs

Tiger's Eye meets a variety of emotional and spiritual needs, such a s:

The need for protection against negative influences.

The need to strengthen self-confidence.

The need for emotional balance and mental clarity.

The need to feel grounded and secure.

Birth month

Although Tiger's Eye is not specifically associated with a birth month, it is beneficial for everyone, bringing its strength and protection throughout the year.

Zodiac signs

Tiger's Eye is particularly linked to the signs of Gemini, Leo, and Virgo. However, its beneficial properties can be enjoyed by all zodiac signs.

Associated Chakra(s)

Tiger's Eye is primarily associated with the solar plexus chakra, Manipura: I do. It is believed to strengthen willpower and self-confidence while balancing this chakra.


To preserve the integrity and energy of crystals, careful and regular purification is essential, choosing methods that are suitable for their sensitivity.

Among the various techniques available, such as using water, salt, or earth, we particularly recommend smudging and the indirect use of salt. These two methods are ideal for all types of crystals, especially those sensitive to water and salt. They prevent potential damage caused by direct contact with water or salt, offering a safe and effective way to gently cleanse your crystals.

Adopting these indirect purification techniques ensures not only the preservation of the physical structure of the crystals but also the maintenance of their energetic purity and properties.


In order to benefit from the properties of your stone, remember to recharge it regularly.

You can either place it on a quartz or amethyst geode or simply leave it out overnight during a full moon. We recommend recharging your stones during each full moon.

There are other ways to recharge your stones, such as using a Selenite plate (very practical) or burying them in the earth.

As for sunlight, please be aware that while some stones tolerate light well, others can be altered and may lose their color, which unfortunately is irreversible.

This is why we recommend the gentle light of the full moon.


The Legend of Solaris and Lunara states that Tiger's Eye is linked to two sibling deities, Solaris, the god of the sun, and Lunara, the goddess of the moon. Solaris, with his golden rays, ruled the day, bringing light and energy, while Lunara, with her silvery luminescence, presided over the night, offering reflection and intuition.

These two deities, though different in their domains, were united by a profound bond. To symbolize their union and complementarity, they created a unique gem: Tiger's Eye. This stone captured the brilliant light of Solaris and the gentle glow of Lunara, symbolizing the balance between light and darkness, yin and yang, strength and wisdom.

Tiger's Eye was believed to possess Solaris's power to provide courage, energy, and protection, as well as Lunara's clairvoyance and intuition. Warriors and travelers wore this stone as a talisman to protect them from dangers, while sages and seers used it to access deeper knowledge and inner vision.

According to legend, one who possessed a Tiger's Eye could find balance between action and reflection, strength and wisdom, thus gaining a comprehensive perspective on life's challenges.

In this story, Tiger's Eye is not just a stone but a symbol of harmony and balance, a gift from the deities that reminds us of the importance of uniting opposites for a full and balanced life.

In Summary, Tiger's Eye is a versatile stone, offering protection, self-confidence, and emotional balance. It is suitable for everyone, regardless of age, zodiac sign, or birth month.

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