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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions.

1What are the benefits of LineQuartz therapy ?
• Deep relaxation;
• Appeasement, relaxation, relief, more lightness;
• More impetus and enthusiasm;
• More self-confidence;
• Better sleep quality;
• The feeling of reliving;
• The reduction of pain;
• Awareness at different levels;
• The stimulation of intuition;
• More body awareness.
2Why consult ?
You are not suffering from illness but from feelings of discomfort such as :

"I don't feel very well",
"I don't feel fit",
"I feel lost",
"I feel tired"

Do you sometimes feel bad ?

Do you simply want to achieve general well-being ?

To avoid the appearance of physical symptoms, the feeling of discomfort must be identified as soon as possible to avoid the appearance of other symptoms, such as back pain, irregular sleep, stomach aches...
3Is LineQuartz dangerous ?
The LineQuartz is a device declared as a non-invasive and non-drug Medical Device, since 2019.

This classification is done with the ANSM (National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products).

According to European Directive 93/42/EEC according to Annex IX relating to Medical Devices : Article III Classification : DM Class I - Non-invasive device.

Class I lists medical devices for which there is no contact with the patient.
4Is LineQuartz suitable for children ?
The LineQuartz is for everyone, young and old.

It is particularly interesting for children, with regular monitoring, it will accompany them in their school learning for better concentration and increased attention.
5What is the duration of LineQuartz therapy ?
Rebalancing your biological rhythm and boosting your immune system is accompanied by a protocol of 4 sessions spread over 1 month. Count one session per week of about 1 hour.

Then, depending on each, it can be recommended to you other sessions at a pace to be defined with the therapist.
6I have (or I had) cancer, can I follow LineQuartz therapy ?
The combination of the 4 scientifically recognized active ingredients that are light therapy, chromotherapy, music therapy and lithotherapy will help you rebalance your biological rhythm and considerably strengthen your immune system which has been put to the test during your cromotherapy sessions. All without direct contact and without taking medication.